Concept Of Complete Representation

What is total management? We at SKA feel it’s something every athlete deserves to have working to his benefit at all times.

  • It is highly trained professionals, each specialized in a particular field, offering a multitude of full services to their clients.

  • It is sound business people who understand the rapidly changing sports world and have the ability to deal with people at all levels.

  • But most importantly, we are a friend commited to providing personalized services to each of our clients.

The people at SKA are honest and unselfish with an interest in you, and all aspects of your career.


The following is a list of services available to the athletes represented by SKA Sports & Entertainment.

  1. Contract Negotiations
  2. General Business Consultation and Financial Planning
  3. Career Development
  4. Legal Services
  5. Insurance Needs
  6. Accounting Services
  7. Product Endorsements and Personal Appearances
  8. Media Contacts and Public Relations

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